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by Jess Haugh on Abbie
Women about Sound Performance Night

ABBIE was fantastic at the first ever Women about sound performance night at the Wine cellar. Abbie's songs ranged from classic soul and jazz to more modern RnB and were all executed perfectly with her amazing soulful voice and emotional performance that melts your heart. Her down to earth stage presence she makes you feel at home and invited into her world and you don't want to leave

by Michelle on Abbie
ABBIE at the Lissom Launch

We asked Abbie to perform at our skincare brand (Lissom)'s launch on a lavender farm on the outskirts of Auckland in January this year, and everyone was blown away by her performance. We even asked her to rehearse a song (Dream A Little Dream) a couple of weeks before the big day and she was able to learn it from scratch too. The event ended but everyone was full of praise for amazing Abbie. She is the most amazing live singer we have come across, and such a lovely lady and dream to work with!! Thank you once again lovely Abbie.

by Lissom Skincare on Abbie
She will blow you away

ABBIE was my immediate go-to when launching my skincare brand in the middle of a lavender farm in Auckland, NZ last summer. She is incredibly talented, and you can listen to her soulful voice for HOURS without getting bored. Great as a performer on her own and also in the background (which is what we did) - everyone completely fell in love with her.

Looking forward to working with her at our next skincare event!

Michelle Anson

by Lucy on Abbie
Inspiration Station!

Oh my goodness, where to begin. A friend and I had been organizing a speakers showcase event since November 2016, and on the day of the event (March 23rd), all our ducks were in a row and we were totally ready to roll - or so we thought!! My friend had organized the musical entertainment, however our original performer pulled out at TWO PM ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. My friend messaged me to tell me the news. I swore. And then I said, 'don't worry. We got this." I had been to one of Abbie's gigs and was absolutely blown away with her talent, so I messaged her on Facebook to see if, on the off chance, she was free, available and keen to perform at our event which began in less than four hours. Without a moment of hesitation, she agreed with enthusiasm, dropped everything, and organized herself to get to the venue by 6pm! She showed up, sorted out the sound with the technician in less than 5 minutes and at 6.40pm, she opened our speakers showcase with her incredible vocals to an audience of 110 without missing a beat. Her performance was, of course, incredible, and her stage presence was simply breath taking; but what I'll never forget was her commitment, her professionalism and her willingness to help us out on such short notice. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Abbie for whatever event you have coming up in future. She is a rare gem who goes above and beyond. She believes that music has the power to inspire, uplift and connect - and with talent teamed with that sort of attitude - she will go far!! Thank you, Abbie, for your talent, your passion and your general amazingness.

If I was a crier, you'd have me in happy tears.
Thank you, Lucy, for this incredible review!
My pleasure and congratulations on the success of your event.

by Barbara Carney on Abbie
Eye on Nature Wearable Arts performance

Abbie performed one of her original songs during the 'Eye on Nature' Wearable Arts Fashion Show on Saturday night.

A beautiful lady with an amazing voice, her performance just enhanced and gave that extra ambiance to the evening, taking the wearable art show to a higher level.

by Sarah on Abbie
Miss A&P fashion show

Abbie is just amazing! She sings beautifully and the comments from her performance have been incredible. Everyone loved her and were so impressed with her voice. Thanks Abbie for coming to sing for the Miss A&P fashion show. We really appreciate it and wish nothing but success for you in the future xx

I had the best time, a great experience and I loved being back home.
xx Thanks for having me.

by Jerome TAiri on Abbie
MINT Annual Awards Event

This was our first Annual Awards event and we needed to set the bar - Abbie definitely helped do that. Wow! Abbie drew us all in. The feedback has been amazing - overwhelming in fact.

We weren't exactly sure what we were after in the beginning when we first started our conversation but Abbie was more than accommodating ready and willing to adjust her song list and vibe as we felt the need. The initial idea was that Abbie would be in the background singing while everyone was socializing (we under estimated how engaging and talented Abbie would be), everyone in the room were transfixed on her – looking away every now and then to appear less ‘stalkerish’. Perfect! We wanted people to be blown away, and Abbie brought an element of professionalism to the event which raised the bar even higher.

When people walked in, they thought they were listening to a soundtrack unaware that Abbie was singing live. In fact people started talking about the next event that we could have to included Abbie as entertainment. Selfishly, we almost don’t want people to find out about Abbie so we can surprise and delight our audience again at our next event.

Thank you Abbie for contributing so heavily towards an amazing event. We know that it definitely would not have been as successful as it was without you. Vibe, talent, engagement, atmosphere - perfect!

Video highlights of our MINT event

Thank you for this overwhelmingly positive feedback, I had the most amazing time and must give a massive thanks to Daniel the super talented sound guy for keeping me sounding great.
So pleased to have added to an already top quality event, thank you for having me.

by Bex Howie on Abbie

ABBIE has being playing at the Portland public house over a few Sundays throughout the last couple of months! I have new singers in every week so had plenty of musicians to listen to ! ABBIE truley is an easy woman to write about! It's no secret that the girl can sing but I can honestly say she is one of best singers I have had the pleasure to listen to lately. She is a very talented lady and an delight to deal with! I completely recommend ABBIE to anyone looking for a chilled solo set! X

Thanks Bex!
A total pleasure playing at The Portland Public House and always a great vibe. Love my time there.
Quality all round and a great place for a tasty treat or refreshing drink or two xx

by Tim O'Shea on Abbie
Abbie's performance at our event at Victoria Park

Kia Ora.

My name's Tim O'Shea - I was the main organiser for It's Our Future's concert/music festival at Victoria Park in Auckland on Sat 10 September.

Because we were running behind time, and the schedule had changed due to unforeseen circumstances, Abbie had to wait more two hours to perform after other artists, such as Jason Kerrison, Moana Maniapoto, Mihirangi and almost 20 other performers.

It was cold, windy and dark, and Abbie didn't complain once - instead she was always friendly, cheerful, effervescent and a total pleasure to be around.

We had no idea what was to come next as none of us had experienced Abbie performing before.

WOW ! When Abbie took the stage at the end of the night, she sang two of her favourite songs. Everyone was gobsmacked at what a powerful and absolutely beautiful voice she has...the conditions were really bloody freezing by that time, and Abbie was scheduled to sing just two songs.

Even though we all had to then pack up the stage and all of the equipment, we all wanted to hear more - there was a unanimous call from the crowd and all other participants (organisers and crew) for Abbie to blast out another song.

It's now days later, and we are all still talking about Abbie's performance, and what a stunning way it was to finish our gig.

I can't help thinking that Abbie is surely destined for 'great things'.

Go Abbie !


Tim O

What an amazing review, thank you Tim.
Was my pleasure taking part, no doubt our paths will cross again in future!

by Deebsday Festival on Abbie
English summer festival.

I was lucky to be wooed by Abbies performance this summer on July 9th. We're a small , contempary festival just outside London . Hearing the lovely Abbie bell out her songs on the main stage, created a magical moment on the day. I distinctly remember being around camp site chatting away when I heard these powerful vocals. Immediately leaving the social company even forgetting my drink ,I just run up towards the stage to see who was performing . Realisation it was our New Zeland guest charming the crowd , we felt overwhelmed by how good she was. It was a last minute thing organising Abbie to play . She was over visiting her boyfriend family and he suggested for Abbie to do a few songs. We managed to squeeze her in. What a decision that proved to be. Our Deebsday community just hope to see them both next year. There's defiantly a full set slot waiting. Good luck Abbie.

Reach for the stars.

Love Deebsday

Wow, thank you so much! I had such an amazing time & it really was an honour to be part of something so clearly special and destined for bigger and bigger things. See you again!
Abz x