The Making of ‘Everything To Me’

Having recently released my latest music video for the song Everything To Me,
I wanted to share a little bit about how this song came to be.

At the ripe old age of 12, I first heard the larger than life sound of my instant friend, Emma-Jane’s voice. I remember thinking that I quite liked this girls brand of crazy and that I could see us being friends.

Fast forward some years and that same larger than life friend is engaged to the man of her dreams and we are discussing the planning of a wedding while flicking through a mountain of glossy wedding magazines over coffee.

I knew that I wanted to do something special for my lovely friend and her future husband on their big day, but wasn’t sure at that stage exactly what that would be.

Months later and back in the studio working on new music, something awesome happened!!!
Emma and Cameron became the inspiration for what would later become their wedding song.
Awwwww cuuuute.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Lauren & Delwyn Project

This song started out as an acapella (voice only) chorus with melody, progressing to a complete lyric/melody song and then into the studio for the magical stylings of the ever-dope producer extraordinaire ‘White Wall’ (also known as William Henderson) with support from the team at Woodcut Studio in Auckland.

With Emma-Jane and Cameron’s one year wedding anniversary coming up this Feb 2017, I want to take this opportunity to wish them another year of marital bliss! Plenty of laughter, adventure and of course husband and wife alone time as we want some little humans, please.

Love to you both, thank you for having me share in your special day.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Lauren & Delwyn Project

Do you have a best friend that you have done something special for? xx

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Massive thank you to my label Waatea Music for allowing me the freedom to create x

Photo credit: The Lauren & Delwyn Project /
Beautiful, honest pictures that will last a lifetime.

Much Love
Abz x

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